My name is Martin Cervantes, and I am the founder of Lowriding 2 Success. Lowriding 2 Success (L2S) is a Juvenile Court-referred after school incentive program that is so much more than building and repairing bicycles. This club involves teaching and mentoring at-risk teens in our community life skills, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and problem solving.  My goal is to steer these students in a positive direction to where they are able to graduate high school and are able to succeed in life after high school.  In my years of working with at-risk youth, it is evident that they need us more than ever.  



Who We Are

We are so proud of all our students, but we wanted to highlight a few of our graduates and upcoming graduates!


"Mr. C, his program and mentorship, saved my life."

Meet Edward, our recent club member graduate that has turned into a mentor and leader in the program. After graduating high school, he went straight to work and helps with his siblings as much as possible.


"I like the unity in Lowriding 2 Success. We all come from different backgrounds, different things, but we all laugh the same at the end of the day."

Meet Neyzer, he's a senior at Harmon High School and has received a full ride scholarship to Avila University! Neyzer plans on staying involved with the club after graduation to help mentor other students.

"I have a friend in the program who, you know, was a little troubled in the past," Neyzer explained, saying the friend didn't know if he'd graduate. "But then he met Mr. C., he met the program and got involved, and now, you know, he's got his high school diploma. The other day he was talking about maybe going to community college, and now he's got a good job."


Meet Ashley, a senior at Wyandotte High School.  Ashley will be attending Johnson County Community College and obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

" Joining the Bike Club really affected my life, it has really helped me feel like I am a part of something. Seeing so many positive people really affected the way I carry myself, having people that are there for you is mentally relieving and helps you strive for success. The Bike Club has really pushed me to be successful. With the help of Mr. C and Mrs. C, I have gotten many scholarship opportunities. I now have the motivation to go to college and do what I want. Because of them, I am now enrolled in Johnson County Community College and will be going there to get my BSN. I am truly grateful for Mr and Mrs C and what they have done for me and the club."


Meet Yaquelin.  She was referred to L2S while she was on probation.  We helped her enroll in the GED program through YouthBuild. She completed her house arrest and probation without any violations.  

She voiced that she was thankful for L2S, and will continue on having earned a new bike.


A special thanks to my mom for being there when I was on diversion and also a very special thanks to Mr. C for being there for me for about a month with the program. The people there are very nice, and I have finally been released from diversion and hope to be involved in L2S for as much as I can. Another thanks to Mr. C for helping me with my community hours.

Words from Gerardo's Mom:

"First of All, I want to thank you Mr C not just for letting my son join this program, but I want to thank you for giving your time to all of the kids, for believing in them, to teach them about what they are capable of, to teach them respect, responsibilites, and how to do good things in life. What Gerardo learned in this program was the importance of making your bed in the morning. He's still struggling to do it but he remembers every day. He regrets getting in trouble but at the same time he is thankful that he was able to meet all of you. He has proved a lot and it is all thanks to this program and Mr. C and all of his crew."


"At the start of going to the club I didn’t talk to anyone. And once I kept going, I started talking to people; I started to fit in the club and meeting the kids there. People who have similar problems and get what I’m going through. And I started talking through my feelings to Mr. C and he has really showed me the way I started doing better and progressing. And being at the club gave me a second chance it felt like another home. For once I felt like I belonged some where. After months of me being there I started feeling really good. I love going there. To be honest I didn’t even wanna go at the start. I told my mom I don’t think I would like going there. Now I love going there it was the best Decision I could ever make."


"My honest opinion about Lowriding 2 Success: I really like it. It shows me that I can do anything that I put work into; but sometimes there'll be days where I don't want to do anything, but when I get to the club, it felt like a whole new family that raise me up to do something and I want to thank Mr. C for everything that he did for me."

Our Rules

The breaking of the following rules are grounds for IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL!!!