Lowriding 2 Success

Mission Statement

Lowriding 2 Success is an incentive based program designed to help our youth REIMAGINE their lives, through building bikes, mentorship, life skills and guidance, all while building their self worth.

The Impact We Have

This comes from a mother of one of our students and reinforces why we are committed to our youth.

"I want to say thank you to everybody in this club, especially Mr. C and his wife. This club has been amazing for my son. He didn't think he would love it, or even like it, but he really looks forward to going every Tuesday and Wednesday and I feel like I have seen a difference in him. He's even making his bed Mr. C so thank you! This is a program that I would love for my son to keep going to, even after his probation. For the first time he told me if he graduates, he gets to keep the bike and I think that is something that he is really trying to accomplish now and looks forward to, this is definitely a program that I will always try to help support!"

What We Are Doing

When students join our program, they will receive one basic bike kit to work on. As the student shows improvement throughout the program, better grades, attitude, community involvement, etc, the student earns custom parts to add to their bike. If the student were to experience setbacks such as falling grades or issues with other students, they will not receive any custom parts and will not be able to work on their bike. 

Our club meets twice a week after school. Our meetings can include guest speakers, community involvement, or workdays in the clubhouse to work on our bikes. We also attend local events where we can display our bikes.

The goal of this program is to steer these students in a positive direction to where they are able to graduate high school and are able to succeed in life after high school. Upon students graduation from high school, they have earned their Lowrider and it is theirs to keep. If the student does not graduate, they will not be able to keep the bike.

Recognized by the State of Kansas

Never did we imagine to be awarded a proclamation from state representative Melissa Oropeza. Our youth were very impressed to be inside the amazing State Capitol! We were all treated with respect and connected with a few other state representatives.  Our students now know more about how their hard work, dedication and commitment is being noticed across the state. It was truly an honor to be invited to the State Capitol and to witness our students reaction was inspiring and priceless.  Thank you to our village for believing in this program, board members, Judge York, probation officers, parents, our very special thanks to our volunteers and mentors for helping us guide our students and never judge them. Without you all this will not be possible!!

It's More Than Just Building Bikes!

Positivity Inside and Out!

Smiles all throughout the club today! When youth have achievements, they earn specialty parts for their bikes. This incentive rewards their work and brings pride and joy to them as they build their bikes up. Pictured you can see the joy in their face as they receive parts they have earned. 

This week we also geared up for Third Friday Art Walk. It was fun to cut loose their creativity with chalk on the sidewalk. 

Engaging with our Youth!

We kicked March off in a fantastic, educational, rewarding, and fun way.

On March 1, we participated, by giving back & reading to the Hazel Grove Elementary first and second graders.

It was very rewarding to see these young students engaged and smiling as we read to them.

Giving Back!

Our students serviced, cleaned, and repaired over 25 donated bikes and hosted a giveaway event for those in need within our community! The smiles we saw during this event makes all the hard work worth it!